Calling all Photo and Film enthusiasts!

Date: 27th October 2020

Unlike some poets that write for the drawer, photographers and filmmakers want want their images to be seen and appreciated. What better day to do this than on World Audio Visual Day?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) observe World Audio Visual Day annually on 27 October as an urgent means to protect the world's identities through the preservation of heritage.

According to UNESCO, the world’s audio visual heritage of sound recordings and moving images are extremely vulnerable as a result of factors ranging from neglect, natural decay to technological obsolescence, as well as deliberate destruction and therefore has called on everyone to do their bit and protect audio visual heritage.

Makana Tourism in partnership with Grocott's Mail has answered this call with a fun initiative: the #IAM Makana Photo and Film challenge. This will not only showcase Makana's cultural and heritage collections to new visitors but preserve them for future generations.

"This contest will help us to celebrate our precious culture and natural heritage while we learn about our similarities and differences. We will also be able to archive our memories for future generations and help sharpen the skills of up-and-coming local artists," said Makana Tourism Director Sue Waugh.

The #IAM Makana Photo & Film Challenge opened for submissions on 27 October. The film or photograph must be based on the concept of Makana's culture and heritage. This may include, but not limited to buildings, historic places, artefacts, traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, nature and traditional crafts.

Photo and film enthusiasts can enter for free by completing an entry form. Two winners can stand a chance of winning a Safari experience and three one-hour online photo-editing tutorials presented by local photographer Roddy Fox.

Here is how you can enter:

You must like the following Facebook Pages:

Subscribe or already be subscribed to Makana Tourism's free email newsletter. The 'Newsletter Signup' link is positioned at the bottom of Makana Tourism's Home Page:

Subscribe or already be subscribed to Grocott's Mail's free weekly email newsletter:

Complete an entry form available from:

Once you have competed the entry form with your details, upload your photo or video submission in the required location on the entry form.

Should you be under the age of 16 years old, you are required to upload a written consent letter from your parent or guardian.

Please ensure that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions before you make your submission. The Terms and Conditions are found on the entry form.

For more information, you can contact Makana Tourism on 046 622 3241 or




calling all photo and film enthusiasts!

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